Interview with Patrick_James_Stevens

Beranger Richemann constantly looking for influencers over the world to help promoting their brand. They have found Patrick (@patrick_james_stevens), a very stylish gentlemen from Germany, who is passionate in fashion and fascinated by body art since his early age. We are fortunate enough to have him in our interview:


BR: What make you so obsessed with tattoo?


P: I grew up in the hardcore punk scene of 1990 and was fascinated by body art early on.


BR: What is your first tattoo?


P: My left Japanese style sleeve.


BR: What is your latest tattoo?


P: My two face tattoos.


BR: There are two tattoo characters on your chest, what are they? Any meaning?


P: On my right chest is a Namakubi on left side an gorilla. The gorilla standing for strength and freedom.


BR: You look stylish in you Instagram photos, where do you find your fashion inspiration?


P: I like mixing classic with rock and roll and punk. I have no style icons. I wear what I like right now.


BR: How do you like Beranger Richemann the Racer Watch?


P: I love this watch that suits me perfectly. A classic modern watch.



Thanks Patrick for showing us so many cool pictures on Instagram.

We wish him the best and looking  forward to have him wearing

our next new watch.